Home Sweet Home

I touched down in San Diego for the first time in a year. It was by far the longest stretch of time I’ve ever gone without being home. The good (and bad) thing about where I grew up is that it’s always sort of the same. Very quickly, I settled into my old routines:

Running on the beach, bare feet in the sand                    

Exploring the local farmer’s markets                                            

Meeting friends for a coffee at our favorite local spot

Enjoying lazy happy hour afternoons featuring friends, local beer and fresh seafood on sunny restaurant patios                                               

Eating too much Mexican food

Stuffing my face full of avocado at every possible opportunity

Lounging in my parent’s beautiful backyard            

Eating every possible meal outside on the patio

Watching the sunset every afternoon           

Endless walks around the neighborhood we used to run amuck in as little girls

And best of all, hanging out with my family and friends (first time we were all together in a year!)                                                                                                    

And along with all those glorious old favorites came some new routines:

Meeting Layla, my best friend Lisa’s daughter              

The first time I held Layla she pooped on me. Babies will be babies…

Getting to know Lisa’s son Coal as a little man as opposed to the baby he was the last time I saw him.                                                                        

Adjusting to the changes that have popped up in my rapidly growing and changing hometown: ever-worsening traffic and new housing developments where avocado orchards used to be (bad changes) and great restaurants where the crummy ones used to be (good change). Despite these changes, the view always brings me back to the place where I grew up…                                                                    Two months flew by in the blink of an eye and before I knew it I was packing my bag to head back to la France une fois encore

À bientôt San Diego, see you at Christmas.


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