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The Jersey Kids

At 5 o’clock in the morning last Wednesday, I was heading out my apartment door, sans caffeine and running on 2 hours of sleep. Why, I thought, why did I ever agree to chaperone a trip to a small island … Continue reading

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Pastry Patrol: The Religieuse

The religieuse is appropriately named: eating one is a bit like a religious experience. It has a pâte à choux base (the same light pastry dough that is used to make profiteroles and eclairs) and is filled with cream and then the whole … Continue reading

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Faux pho

You all know that I love Asian food. One of my all-time favorite Asian dishes is pho, that lovely and heart-warming Vietnamese noodle soup. It is traditionally a beef-broth soup (if made correctly the broth is a real labor of … Continue reading

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Tartines are a girl’s best friend…

If you don’t know tartines, then you should. That sounds dirty, and sometimes it is – in the sense that when I eat tartines I often spill food on myself, but what else is new? A tartine is simply a … Continue reading

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Brittany road trip

I love road trips. In between all of the family ski trips I took as a child, all of the trips back and forth between where I grew up in San Diego and where I went to school in San … Continue reading

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