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La fin de l’été

I’m not in Southern California anymore; there are no endless summers here. Winter is coming…and fast. It dropped 10 degrees overnight, bringing an abrupt end to our Indian Summer. Last night was tee-shirt weather, but tonight we donned coats for … Continue reading

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The Golden State

If home is where the heart is, then my heart is languishing in several pieces in various corners of the planet…San Diego, San Francisco, Kauai, Paris, Aix-en-Provence, Rennes and now a little village in Central Brittany. They’ve all felt like home at some … Continue reading

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Spring slips into summer, the best Coffee Cake and a visitor

I’m making up for lost time by doing 3 posts in 1 as I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus lately:  we’ve been busy with students and work, and lots and lots of Spring cleaning projects. And although it’s … Continue reading

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Les sablés d’Yves Cameborde

Note: To see this same post in English, scroll down Yves Cameborde est un chef de cuisine connu comme le roi de « bistronomy ‏ .« Personellement, moi, je lui célèbre car il a crée ces sablés. J’ai trouvé cette recette au blog Chocolate and Zucchini, un … Continue reading

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Sablés by Yves Cameborde

Yves Cameborde is a celebrated French chef known as the ‘King of bistronomy’. I personally celebrate him because he wrote this amazing recipe for sablés, the Breton version of shortbread. I found the recipe on Chocolate and Zucchini, a bilingual … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Pizza

Life has taught me that weekend mornings are for food treats. As a little girl (and even as a teenager) my mom used to make her famous blueberry banana pancakes on Saturdays. Sometimes, after sleepovers, my friends parents would take … Continue reading

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It’s raining dogs and dogs…

Shortly before Christmas, it started raining and gusting wind in our corner of the world and it hasn’t stopped. Il pleut des chordes. Houses and streets are flooded. The ramparts of the local castle in Pontivy collapsed. What once were small creeks … Continue reading

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Keeping on the winter citrus train…

Lemon Bars from Barefoot Contessa Tools Stand mixer or large bowl and whisk Pan Spatula Measuring cups or scale Measuring spoons Ingredients For the crust: 1/2 pound (225g) unsalted butter, at room temperature 1/2 cup (115g) granulated sugar 2 cups … Continue reading

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Orange and Olive Oil Loaf

Growing up in Southern California where citrus flourishes, the sight of groves full of fruit-laden orange trees evokes winter. My dad used to deliver boxes of clementines from one of the local orchards to all of his clients as a … Continue reading

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The Thanksgiving Pioneer

I’ve had a good run of successful Thanksgiving meals here in France. My first and second Thanksgivings were celebrated in Rennes with a big group of friends, mostly American. The third was a small affair here in Central Brittany with my boyfriend, an American and French … Continue reading

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