I’m one of the many Americans living in France. Just another of the countless Francophiles who moved to France for the food, the culture, the life stye, or in other words, la joie de vivre. I was captivated by the land of crusty baguettes, pungent cheeses and constantly ringing church bells.

The last 2 years I’ve paid my way working as an  American elementary school teacher in Rennes, the capital of Brittany. But now my contract has ended, I’ve left the “big city” and am living in the countryside of Central Brittany trying to find my next big adventure…which will probably have something to do with food.

So, enjoy! Et bon appétit!


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  1. Sara Plumier says:

    Dear Girl et Galette

    I have recently started researching for a new website in France aimed at xpat families living in France. I am currently looking at Rennes and the surrounding area (where live with my family and would love to be in contact with you to perhaps ´pick your brains´on things to do.

    I will be in Rennes the following week conducting some interviews and would love to meet up if you are available, please let me know!



    PS love the blog!!

  2. Benoit says:

    Dear girl
    I learnt today about your blog via a colleague who started to search the web for cuisine from Britany. So I came to have a look, and I have to say that I really enjoy it. Maybe because you describe the opposite of what I am living here in the US: I am actually from Rennes and, after some years in Paris and Austria, I emigrated to Providence, RI with my wife a year ago. It looks like we live similar discoveries (except that I am still surprised by the amount of SUVs rather than by their rarity :0) ) and that I don’t enjoy the food as much as you do.
    Anyway, it’s nice to read and to see some pictures of that nice city


    • caelycate says:

      Merci bien! C’est sympa. J’imagine que la bretagne vous manque, ou la cuisine au moins. Mais il y a des fruits de mer impeccable en Rhode Island, n’est-ce pas?

      Allez, bonne chance dans la marée des SUVs, et bon continuation!

  3. Rosie Struve says:

    Salut! We were on a quest to find apple strudel in Rennes tonight and a google search somehow led me to your post on Budapest. Anyway I then proceeded to read your entire blog, which is wonderfully evocative of French culture and has nice pictures of food and things and overall is just lovely. I wanted just to say, from one Californian in Rennes to another, i’ll be checking your blog often (and using it as a resource and inspiration). -Rosie

    • caelycate says:

      Thanks for the kind words Rosie! Did you find strudel in the end? I can’t think of anywhere that might sell it in Rennes. I was planning on trying to make it one of these days, I’ve ben sorting through some potential recipes, I’ll let you know if I find anything promising!

  4. Tom MacGregor says:

    Hello! I love your blog, my name is Tom MacGregor and I am visiting Rennes in roughly 5 days! I am so excited and I can not wait to learn all about the food and culture. I own a small Cheese shop here in Ny and hope to learn all about the food culture on my trip. I was wondering if you would have some recommendations and or a little time to chat during my visit? I am looking forward to hearing back soon!


    Tom MacGregor

    PS: I also dream of leaving all of this American life behind and just staying there! I would love to hear more about your story.

    • caelycate says:

      Hi Tom

      I hope you have a wonderful trip, Rennes is a terrific city. I no longer live there, but hope to make it back to visit soon. My recommendations are:


      Au Boulingrain Crêperie
      Crêperie Paysanne
      Apple Pie Café (Bilingual restau for Saturday brunch or lunch or afternoon coffe/tea/pastry)
      Thé au Fourneau (lunch or afternoon coffe/tea/pastry)
      Café du Port
      Le Tire Bouchon (traditional, great food at a pretty affordable cost)
      Chez Paul (more upscale, fantastic)
      Le Phoenicien (upscale Lebanese)
      Au Petit Grenier (traditional)
      La Casa Pepe (Pizza)


      Ty Anna Tavern
      La Cité d’Dys

      To Do

      Thabor Park
      Opera (if there is a show on, I would recommend it)
      TNB (if there is a show on, I would recommend it)
      Saturday Market at Place des Lices

      Have a great trip!

  5. Stumbled upon your blog via Apple Pie, my fav place to cozy up, drink tea, eat cheesecake(!) and chat. Thought you and/or your readers might be interested in the yoga classes I teach here in Rennes. They’re supposed to be in english for the french people to experience but they’re mostly in franglish depending on who shows up:) Beginner class Mondays at 13h45 at Ten’dances. 1 class free! https://www.facebook.com/yogarennesamanda

    • caelycate says:

      Hi Amanda,
      Wow, wish I had known about your yoga class before I left Rennes. I will send the info on to my French friends who are still there. One of them had done yoga at Triangle and was disappointed, so I’m sure she’ll be keen to try. Say hello to Rennes from me! Caely

  6. Lisa Thomas says:

    Bonjour Caely.,

    I am taking my daughters aged 25 and 27 on a wonderful trip to France in May. We want to recreate Anthony Bourdain’s fantastic trip, especially the seafood tower. We are all incredible foodies, my girls live in NYC, and are dying to do this! How would you like to be our tour guide? We are coming May 19th. You may email me at lisaathomas38@hotmail.com


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