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Pastry Patrol: Éclair

I think you all know the éclair. It is after all one of France’s most renowned creations, right behind champagne and the guillotine. But, just in case you’ve been living under a pastry-deprived rock, the éclair is an oblong shaped … Continue reading

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The City of Lights

I lived in Paris 5 years ago as a student. One glorious semester of wandering the tirelessly fascinating streets, frequenting the array of wonderful museums, munching on a rainbow of macarons, and generally soaking up the sights of the beautiful grey … Continue reading

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Pastry Patrol: Pépito

The pépito is a new discovery of mine. I had heard a friend mention them before and only remember thinking what a strange name it was for a French pastry. I finally tried one recently and can happily report that … Continue reading

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Sweet and Salty Toasted Coconut and Peach-Apricot Bread Pudding

A long name for an abundantly delicious dessert. We’ve been lucky here in Brittany with the weather this spring. I keep hearing about how normally springtime in Brittany means rain and wind and cold, but this year spring seems to … Continue reading

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Goulash and falafel in the French countryside…

It’s not as weird as it sounds. I just happened to be in a small village in Morbihan (one of the four departments within Brittany) visiting my boyfriend, and I also happened to have some strange cravings. As a rule, … Continue reading

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Breakfast interrupted…

Check out this amazing video. Am I weird that I consider this to be one of the most inspirational things that I’ve seen in a long time? Photos by Clemens Poloczek

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