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Honey Lemon Yogurt Cake

Maybe it’s my way of shaking off winter, but I’ve been craving lemons something fierce. Their clean fruity brightness convinces me that summer is on it’s way, even if the thermometer outside say otherwise (it snowed again today, very out … Continue reading


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Brownies are an ex-pat’s best friend

Whenever the urge for brownies strike, it’s all-powerful and consuming. To the point that I’m checking the clock every other minute while they are in the oven, urging them to bake faster, and once they finally do emerge from the … Continue reading

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Snow Ice Cream

Last week we had a blizzard, which to some people is a perfectly normal part of winter,  but to us Brittany folk is a rare occurrence to be treasured and enjoyed to the fullest. It doesn’t matter how cold it is, … Continue reading

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Triple Apple Cake

If you’ve been reading regularly you know I had buckets and buckets of apples to use up last autumn. Pounds and pounds of them. I know, woe to me. Many of those apples made it into desserts such as Apple Brownies, … Continue reading

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Ginger Lady’s Carrot Soup

My best friend Kelsey is obsessed with ginger. The ladies who worked at the sushi restaurant down the street from our apartment in San Francisco dubbed her “the ginger lady” because she was forever asking for more ginger. I know … Continue reading

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