La fin de l’été

Summer sunset

Summer sunset

I’m not in Southern California anymore; there are no endless summers here. Winter is coming…and fast. It dropped 10 degrees overnight, bringing an abrupt end to our Indian Summer. Last night was tee-shirt weather, but tonight we donned coats for our nightly walk with the dogs. But I won’t complain about the summer we had here. June and July were marvelous. August was a complete let down, rainy and cold. But just when we thought all was lost and the summer had finished, September came round and lifted us back up into the sunshine.

During the hot summer heat, we cooled off on the shores of the nearby lake. We had to take advantage as it will be drained next year for dam reparations. The draining of the massive manmade lake is apparently quite a site to see and will attract tourists from all around Brittany. I guess we’ll just have to take more trips to the coast next year, quel dommage!


On the shores of the beautiful Lac de Guerlédan


When we weren’t lounging lakeside, we were walking in the nearby forests and fields, enjoying the lazy summer landscapes.



Having fun on top of hay bales

IMG_0515 IMG_0510


Tuckered out after a long walk

On the rare occasion where I was able to be productive, I got a bit of work done in the garden, weeding, harvesting and preserving. I turned bushels of plums from the neighbors into sweet and sour sauce, chutney and jam. I turned masses of cucumbers from another neighbor into quick fridge pickles (best thing ever!).

DSC_0126 I bundled up hordes of garlic, onions and shallots; some of the rare things I’m able to grow successfully every year. Despite my enthusiasm for gardening I don’t have terribly green thumbs yet! I’m learning…


After the rentrée (back to school) and the departure of our French students, we took a mini-holiday to the coast to celebrate the end of a busy summer and the start of a more tranquil Fall.

We started our mini roadtrip in the old port of Auray, a quaint town South West of where we live.


From Auray, we went to Carnac where we enjoyed the sites of old menhirs (ancient rock formations). We also enjoyed a picnic dinner, long walk and swim at the 25 kilometer stretch of sand dune beaches.

DSC_0356 DSC_0289 DSC_0287

From Carnac, we drove 15 minutes to the very popular presqu’ile (almost island, or peninsula) of Quiberon. On the West coast of Quiberon is the Côte Sauvage, a rugged, rocky and wild stretch of coast. We arrived just in time for a beautiful sunset.

DSC_0306    DSC_0345DSC_0336DSC_0321    DSC_0320 DSC_0330 DSC_0324DSC_0309    DSC_0299DSC_0351    DSC_0338

The next day, we left Carnac for Concarneau. Concarneau is a beautiful port town with a painfully adorable intramuros (old walled city).

DSC_0357DSC_0389DSC_0363 DSC_0370 DSC_0387DSC_0378 DSC_0388 DSC_0361DSC_0375DSC_0371  DSC_0365

After walking through the narrow winding streets of Intramuros, and back along the tops of its ramparts, we enjoyed a three-course lunch at a restaurant on the main avenue along the port. You can tell I’ve fallen out of the habit of blogging…I didn’t even note the name of the restaurant, and wasn’t able to find it online! It remains a mystery…


Entrée: Salade aux fromages


Plat principal: Cabillaud avec sa velouté, riz au curcuma et ratatouille


Dessert: Crème brulée à la pistache

That afternoon, full (and in my case, fuzzy from white wine) we drove the the presqu’ile de Crozon, or the Crozon Peninsula. Oh.Mon.Dieu. In all the places I’ve visited in Brittany, this area blew me away the most. Imagine the rocky seascapes of Brittany, the white sand beaches, dotted with cute French seaport villages. Now imagine all that, but in place of the normal Atlantic water, you have bright turquoise Caribbean-like water. That is the Crozon.


Caribbean water in Brittany…who knew?

We stayed at the very start of the peninsula, in a small town called Telgruc-sur-Mer where we scored an amazing air bnb rental with ocean views.

The beach at Telgruc-sur-Mer

The beach at Telgruc-sur-Mer

The view from our maisonette independante.

The view from our petite maisonette indépendante.

We took full advantage of this view during our picnic dinner on the terrace. DSC_0395 DSC_0396

After dinner we strolled down to a hidden cove to enjoy the sunset, surprising some grazing cows on the way.

Happiest cows on earth...look at their view!

Happiest cows on earth…look at their view!

DSC_0399    DSC_0403 DSC_0413

The next day, we woke up to this breakfast…pas mal.

DSC_0416With our last few precious hours before heading home, we explored the beaches at Crozon and Morgat, where we developed major house envy from the many manoirs which dot the beaches there.


And then, all too soon, it was back to kreizh breizh and the reality of work.  I left my heart in the Crozon…

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3 Responses to La fin de l’été

  1. Carol Singleton says:

    I love the Crozon, Siggy and I found it afew weeks ago and like you fell in love with the place – soooooo beautiful. I would love to go back during the winter months as I love the coast in winter its so dramatic and no people – bliss.

  2. kelsey chaffin says:

    Always happy to see a new post! I made pickles this yr with all my cucumbers too, so yummy. Your trip looks amazing. Kinda like the Big Sur of France?

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