(Some of) the family meets the boyfriend, finally!

On the road from the Emerald Coast to the innards of Brittany

Toby and Nanook getting to know Rowan

A few hours later, and after some poor navigation on my part, we arrived at my boyfriend’s house in Central Brittany, tired and ready for bed. Looking back, I feel sorry for Maren and Peter that they had to meet my boyfriend after such a long day and in such a cracked-out state: still jet-lagged and severely sleep-deprived. But if there’s anyone who can make you feel comfortable and at-home it’s my wonderful Toby. He welcomed us warmly and it was surreal to see my two world’s come together: my family from the United States and my boyfriend from Europe. The gap was finally bridged.

Toby’s “Real Proper Manor House”

We spent a lazy weekend around the house; Maren and Peter needed to catch up on some serious sleep. On the few occasions when the rain let up, we went on some walks around the countryside and took a drive to explore the nearby sites.

My two main guys…the heart melts

My most beautiful sister

We also visited our friend Claude who has a cider cave so my brother-in-law could sample the local cider and eau-de-vie.

And we stopped by my dream house…a beautiful manor which sits unoccupied on acres and acres of beautiful land. It is owned by some local nuns. Sorry sisters, but I am guilty of the cardinal sin of envy…I covet my neighbors’ goods: I want that atrium!

But, as it was freezing cold and a sorry excuse for a spring, especially compared to last year’s gorgeous summer-like spring, we spent most of our time indoors chatting and staying warm by the fire. We also warmed up with my go-to favorite for cold weather, boeuf bourgignon.

It was a wonderful weekend which went all too quickly. Before we knew it, Maren, Peter and I were heading back to Rennes so they could get to know my city, and I could go back to work. Yes, sometimes, I do work. I know it doesn’t seem like it with all this wonderful travelling and hostessing I’ve been doing.

Family self-portrait

Some of my favorite little critters

Humphrey, le chef

Ro boy with his favorite French amie Sophie

So, sadly Maren and Peter said “À bientôt” to Toby and the French countryside, “À l’année prochaine.”

Au revoir, à bientôt.

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