Well, hello there. It’s been awhile…after my wonderful string of back to back visitors came to an end, I went into a bit of a funk. I suppose this is mostly because I was very tired. Hey, it’s hard work to eat and drink your way through France for 2 solid months, laughing with family as you go along! And of course I was sad to say goodbye to everyone, visitors and friends from Rennes alike. But mostly, I’ve been stressed about, what else? French bureaucracy. Let us just say, to make a long and frustrating story short, that my future in France is now unclear due to an unfortunate turn of events regarding my visa.

So, as a result I have been oscillating between two states of existence. The first: being hyper-productive, running around trying to organize my life and squeeze the smallest glimmer of hope out of any French bureaucrat who will talk to me. The second: running away to the countryside, away from my responsibilities and concerns and away from Rennes, the city where my life is changing as friends move away and my work is winding down. I’m not sure what’s next, but in the meantime, check out the beginnings of what is soon-to-be an epic sink herb garden. I may not be able to control my fate, which is in the hands of various French bureaucrats, mais au moins, I can work out the frustration in the garden with the pick-axe.

My boyfriend had the brilliant idea to reuse some old sinks he had lying around. I’m obsessed with herbs so I designed this humble kitchen sick herb garden. Not much in the way of herbs yet, but at least the heavy lifting and digging part of the operation is finished. Can’t wait for all my yummy herbs to come up!

In this shot, you can see the tomatoes to the right. We have 5 kinds of various colors and shapes. Counting the days until harvest time…

Wild strawberries I’ve managed to tame. Hope those little boogers turn red soon.

Keep tuned for the posts about my travels the last 2 months. The will be very belated but hopefully beautiful!

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1 Response to Hiatus

  1. mac mccarter says:

    Pretty neat herb containers. You should add a toilet or better yet a Turkish toilette. We are in a funk since we left as well. Merci Bien, GeePa

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