Pad Thai

I love Asian food. I could probably live off of Sushi, Pho and Pad Thai…and galettes of course. Lately, the predominant craving has been for Pad Thai. It’s been ages since I’ve noshed on this delightful dish. I was intimidated to try Pad Thai at home, but it’s so much easier than it seems at first glance.  My friend Emma turned me on to this blog which has an excellent formula for Pad Thai. Notice how I said formula, not recipe. I’m not a fan of recipes, as I’ve stated once, twice…a hundred times. I much prefer formulas which give you ratios and guidelines, but leave room for creative freedom and interpretation. Who has the time or the money to get every last ingredient most recipes call for, or the patience to measure it all out? Moi, I prefer to cuisiner au pif (cook by guesswork, literally “cook with my schnoz”).

The end result was a delicious, tangy vegetarian Pad Thai that I could eat for days…and probably will. Pad Thai for breakfast tomorrow with a fried egg on top? Yes please…

Vegetarian Pad Thai with a side of Sesame Soy Brocoli and Mushrooms

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2 Responses to Pad Thai

  1. chickster says:

    Where oh where did you find bean sprouts in France!? I love a little cilantro with my pad thai, but it’s yet another herb that can be difficult to find depending on the time of year.

    • caelycate says:

      I’m not sure what part of Brittany you’re in, but if you’re at all near Rennes there are several great Asian markets here. I go to one called Belasie which has absolutely everything you could dream of. I buy my nuts, beans, teas and so many other things there. It’s my salvation! As for cilantro, I never seems to have a problem finding fresh coriander at the open-air markets here. Good luck in your hunting!

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