A few dinners…

Dinner 1

Entrecote Steak with Garlic Sauce served with Pan Roasted Potatoes and Steamed Romanesco

Dinner 2

Traditional English Roast Chicken Dinner: Served with Peas, Mashed Carrots and Turnips, Roasted Potatoes and Gravy

 Dinner 3

Bubble and Squeak: An English recipe that calls for mashing up leftovers (from the roast the night before) and serving it with a fried egg. BRILLIANT! As with everything British, served with peas...

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4 Responses to A few dinners…

  1. chickster says:

    I picked up a romanesco the other day and figured it would all be up to me to finish the bad boy (the significant other isn’t adventurous in the veggie department). However, I might be able to bribe him after seeing you wedge it ever so cleverly between an irresistible steak and potato heaven. Yum!

  2. mac mccarter says:

    beautiful dindins and a picture is as close as i can get. miss you

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