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Around the World in 25 days, Part 2: A moment in San Diego and a blissful eternity in Hawaii

2. From New York to San Diego… They say that the West Coast is the Best Coast. As a native Californian born and bred in San Diego, I have to agree. California has a special place in my heart that … Continue reading

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Around the world in 25 days, Part 1: New York City

Okay, so we aren’t really going all the way round the world, but it feels that way. 1. From Paris to New York… Our arrival in New York got off to a bumpy start when my boyfriend got held up … Continue reading

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24 hours in Paris

Though I was I just in Paris recently, I went back once again for a brief 24 hours to meet up with my friend Kate, who was travelling in Europe with her mom. As Kate and I lived in Paris … Continue reading

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Spring arrived…along with some visitors

The middle of April it finally felt like Spring. Overnight, everything burst to life: one minute it was winter, everything dormant and cold, and then the next it was sunny, and flowers and birds song came to life. It was … Continue reading

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Winter wonderland

How is it already the middle of December!? It feels as if Thanksgiving was yesterday (oh wait, no, that was just my post about it) and already Christmas is upon us. My last day of work until the New Year … Continue reading

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The Thanksgiving Savior

You may remember that I’ve written about Apple Pie before, an organic bilingual tea salon/restaurant owned by Rennes’ resident Irish lass Lisa. Apple Pie came to my rescue once again today by giving me my American fix of Thanksgiving’s greatest … Continue reading


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Cancale, encore, encore, encore…

I went to Cancale for the fourth time yesterday. I know, I’m a seafood junkie. I do have an excuse: months ago I bought a Groupon coupon for a three-course lobster meal in Cancale. I actually tried to use the … Continue reading

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This is a love story. It’s about a girl with stars in her eyes who moved to Brittany and was so blinded by the sheer brilliance of the epic salted butter, the glistening seafood and the delicious array of galettes … Continue reading

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A few stories: Paris, Rennes and Cancale

I have a long list of places that I want to visit in France. I’ve never sampled the world-renowned cuisine of Lyon, explored Basque country or set eyes on the sweeping beauty of central France which the French loving call … Continue reading

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Les vacances…

The very best part of being a teacher in France is getting 5-weeks paid vacation time built into my 9-month contract. However, if the very best part of teaching is the ample vacation time, then the very worst part of … Continue reading

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