A not-so-lazy summer

If my first winter living in the Breton country side was long, slow and cold, my first summer has been just the opposite.

It started off with a whirlwind trip back to the United States for my brother’s wedding in New York.

photo 3

I hit the ground running; I arrived 4 days before the wedding and in that time had to locate the rare tailor in New York who wasn’t so booked that they could squeeze me in to hem my bridesmaid’s dress last-minute. Once that was done, I scrambled to find shoes for the wedding and a dress for the rehearsal dinner, help my sister do the flowers for said rehearsal dinner and generally cope with the madness that ensues leading up to any big family event. And this was no ordinary family event, but a big New York wedding with over 250 guests. Despite the size and the formal attire, the wedding was so fun and laid-back. We danced the night away in between multiple courses of a delicious dinner. Oh, and there was an ice cream truck…

Girls gettin' ready

Girls gettin’ ready

Boys all ready to go, and the cutest nephew in the world

Boys all ready to go, and the cutest nephew in the world



1005339_10151775035732209_1732703570_nScreen Shot 2013-07-30 at 11.36.39 PM1016821_10151775036087209_2012046431_n945721_10151775036372209_391843853_n

The newly married couple

The newly married couple

photo 11005451_10151775037022209_625108539_nphotophoto 3998400_10151775037907209_443272346_n

Family boogey down

Family boogey down

After all the excitement leading up to the big night, and a late bedtime, we were all pretty exhausted the next day. So naturally we recovered with even more copious amounts of food and alcohol at a brunch.

We were all tuckered out the next day...

We were all tuckered out the next day…

photo 6 photo 5

Father and son (the happy groom)

Father and son (the happy groom)

We didn’t have much time to recover though before we were packing up and flying to California. To beloved friends…

IMG_4296 IMG_4297 IMG_4271 IMG_43001069412_10151714367659798_1787838678_n IMG_4299

the backyard of my childhood home…

IMG_4273 IMG_4276IMG_4275

delicious Mexican food…

IMG_4293 IMG_4292



bloody mary’s…

IMG_4294 IMG_4283

and beautiful beaches…24742_936426067503_1246547_51161649_7688528_n

My six days in San Diego flew by far too quickly and before I knew it I was back in Aéroport Roissy making a mad dash to catch my train back to the middle of nowhere. I just made it, with 2 minutes to spare!

Since my return to Kreizh Breizh (Central Brittany) it’s been a whirlwind of work (as a waitress at a local crêperie), hosting French students for English immersion (one student after the next from June-September) and making the most of the gorgeous un-Breton like weather we’ve had for most of the summer by biking, hiking, and rowing in our Canadian canoe…and when I have the odd spare moment, a bit of trying to catch up in my sorely neglected garden.


Lac de Guerlédan


Friends come to visit


One of the many summer BBQs…


Summer concerts galore

DSC_0005 2

The dogs don’t move too quickly in this heat…

My two boys having a summer's say snooze

My two boys having a summer’s say snooze

The dogs have shed their winter coats and are soaking up the sun too

The dogs have shed their winter coats and are soaking up the sun too

Our new arrivals:  Mr. Green and Miss Scarlet.

Our new arrivals: Ducks Mr. Green and Miss Scarlet.

Garlic, one of the few things I've grown successfully this year.

Garlic, one of the few things I’ve grown successfully this year.

We have one more week of students, and then it’s off to England and the United States! Counting the days…

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  1. Michael Mccarter says:


    What a beautiful post.  Can’t wait to help you create the next one in the two paradises. 



    — Sent from Mailbox for iPhone

    On Fri, Aug 30, 2013 at 3:51 PM, Girl et Galette

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