Taking the parents on our long-awaited road trip

After Maren and Peter returned to the states, my parents headed to Normandy for a couple of days while I stayed in Rennes to work (shocking, I know). After work I hopped on the train to meet my parents in Saint-Malo for yet another tour of the Emerald Coast. I would say I’m getting sick of that place, but how can one get sick of delicious seafood, fresh salty air and beautiful coastal landscapes? So, one year after we were originally supposed to take our road trip around Brittany, it finally happened! Sadly, the weather wasn’t as nice as it was last year during Spring. But we can’t have it all, can we?

We started in Saint-Malo, staying once again at Hotel Ambassadeurs, a really nice spot a bit off the beaten path. We explored the ramparts and took a lovely walk along Le Sillon, the massive beach which runs from the ancient walled city of Saint-Malo all the way to the boardwalk.

Me and Dad in front of the Walled City (Intra-Muros).

A woman walking her cat with a leash on the beach.

After a day in Saint-Malo we drove the short distance up the coast to Cancale so my mom could try the best oysters in the world. My dad, who has come along way from his Mid-Western roots, is still not the biggest fan of seafood, so sadly for him, he missed out. My mom said it was by far the best oyster she had ever tasted…

Shucking our oysters

I took them to all the usual spots…to the oyster vendors by the pier, for a walk along the coast to see the oyster beds stretching out into the bay from a distance, and of course to Grain de Vanille to warm up with coffee and mille feuille.

The oyster trucks driving along the beach

From Cancale, we took a quick drive through the charming, albeit very crowded, streets of Dinan. Then, tired and ready for some downtime in the country we drove into the heart of Brittany where my boyfriend and my parents would finally meet. Usually this is a meeting that might bring some sort of angst, but I had absolutely no anxiety about it. As predicted, they all got along famously. And of course, they loved the pups too.

Reunited and it feels so good

We spent the next few days just hanging out, enjoying the country air, taking some walks when the weather wasn’t too horrible. My dad bonded with Toby and his friends and soaked up the atmosphere of a small French town. My mom caught up on some work and helped me in the garden. It was the perfect break to take before our busy tour of Provence.

Dad and his new best friend Keni

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