Saint-Malo et Cancale, yet again…

At this point I’m averaging a trip to Saint-Malo and Cancale once every quarter. While it’s difficult to face the fact that I may not live in Brittany for the rest of my life, I seem to have accepted the fact on some level as I’m constantly trying to make the most of my time here, and this means making frequent trips to the coast where I can enjoy the bountiful little gems which come from the sea: fruits de mer. And the ocean views too, of course. Being from the seaside coast of Southern California, I feel claustrophobic if I go to long without seeing the vast expanse of ocean horizon sprawling out before me, reminding me that I small and life is too short to worry about all of the small things which are even smaller than myself.

This latest trip to the coast was taken last minute in an attempt to show an aquaintance for California what Brittany is all about. I think I succeeded, this is what we ate at a wonderful restaurant in Cancale called La Mère Champlain:

Entrée: Maquereau Grillé (Grilled Mackerel)

Entrée #2: Des huitres (Oysters)

Plat principal: Nage des poissons (3 types of fish swimming in beurre blanc)

 And later tonight, to warm our chilled bones after a day being blown about by the wintery Atlantic winds, we warmed up with tartiflette.

Tartiflette: When you mix together cream, bacon, cheese, white wine, onions and potatoes in a casserole dish you really can't go wrong

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