New York, Tome 3: The Christmas Chronicles

The holidays always lead to over-indulgence, but I think that around here we’ve gone a little bit overboard. 16 people leads to a lot of different ideas about what food the holidays should include. Check out what we’ve eaten the last couple days:

Christmas Eve Dinner: Country ham served with grits, smoked salmon, saucisson sec, cheese, broccoli, green beans and brussels sprouts. Phew...

Christmas Day Dinner: Seafood Gumbo, Louisiana style. Cooked by my brother-in-law's mother. Made with oysters, crab, scallops and shrimp.

And for dessert, Yogurt Cake with Apples...

...and a gluten free version of the Yogurt Cake with Apples. For some reason the apples sunk into this cake, even though they were arranged lovingly on top. I don't think that's a good sign, though I was assured the cake tasted fine.

Another Yogurt Cake, this one with cranberry.

And of course, we’ve also been over-indulging on this little guy…he’s so cute we can’t get enough.

Hoping everyone has had as brilliant a holiday as I’ve had. I can’t believe my time in New York is almost finished!

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